American Appetite!

My best friend and I travelled from LA, to Vegas, to San Fran and back to LA one Summer and both put on a stone because of the amazing and highly calorific food out there.


Let’s start with the best place for breakfast in San Fran called Mamas – massive queue from 11am but so worth it! 1 in 1 out for this…

The best Maple syrup pancakes in town – quite literally!


Great cosmopolitans and nibbles on the “spinning restaurant” at the Stratosphere Hotel.



Mustn’t forget the best brioche burger we’ve ever had in Los Angeles;

And the best wine in Napa Valley 😉

Farmer’s Market Area where we sampled a slice of fresh cake at the Cheesecake factory followed by a local Rose.

We also stumbled across some great Seafood at the Fisherman’s Village.



Ending the trip having a curry on the Grand Canyon made by the locals was a truly unforgettable experience.


So long USA!

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