Dublin Delights

Now it’s hard to get all restaurants into my one blog post for a long weekend of eating at different places, but my 6 main recommendations for your next visit to Ireland are as follows:

1. Classic Italian Dining at a wonderful Italian restaurant called Il Vicoletto which served the heartiest pasta dishes with a melt in the mouth Tiramisu for desert.


2. The Church is the best place for the iconic bowl of oysters and pint of Guinness in the heart of Dublin…


3. Now for my personal preference for food in Dublin – a place called F.X Buckley Steakhouse where I had the best Steak of my life! Even better than London’s Hawksmoor which I highly rate;



4. Obviously get yourself to the Guiness factory beforehand!   

And ofcourse some of you who have visited Dublin may recognise this quaint and quirky breakfast place…

5. Dux & Co – Tasty food!!

 Possibly the tastiest yet simplest cheese & beans on toast – this could never upset me… 6. Loving all the Temple Bars that play live music – after the food, the Irish live music is my favourite thing about Ireland.


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