Moore Eats In

An exclusive blog with some images of my homemade cooking – I don’t eat out ALL the time…

So a true cook needs to go out and catch their fresh ingredients…

 …Just kidding!

Here are a few homemade accomplishments for you to snoop through and welcome to reconstuct yourself:

  1. Fresh Sea Bream on a bed of roast veg stuffed with lemons and herbs.

2. Then I tried out the same style of cooking but with Sea Bass – much meatier and satisfying…

3. #Fishlover – Here’s a very healthy seasoned Salmon with broccoli

4. More Salmon but with kale this time …

 5. And a less healthy but exotic Seafood Fish Pie;

IMG_56866. Finished off with a very UNhealthy homemade Chocolate Brownie with white chocolate chips which went down a treat with my work colleagues;

I’ve always loved my table decor for appreciating a good meal – so here’s a little snapshot from the Christmas periodChristmas tree

7. And of course everyone needs to make a homemade Lasagna!!!! For all you Italian lovers out there I think it’s no secret that you can never have too much cheese🧀

 And yes, it was polished off between just two of us!

9. “Moore’s Bolly” nicknamed from my notoriously massive Spaghetti Bolognaise portions from Uni days, has cut down to half the amount now I have to share it – always a “go to” dish when you don’t know what to cookSpaghetti

What to do when your man isn’t home? Take advantage of the usual no “high protein low carb” nonsense and cook heaps of cheesy pasta!


10. Now an outside BBQ has GOT to be done over Summer – good old BEEF burgers in the gardenHamburger🌞

11. And ofcourse – SMORES.  These are truly at their best over a fire to melt the marshmallow into a chocolatey biscuit heavenSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes

Whilst I’m sure everyone is in the Summer mode – strawberry picking always needs to be done when they’re at their sweetestStrawberry

12. And here’s one damn good Banana Cake with walnuts and blue icing…

13. And speaking of Summer evenings a little “mussels” party and cheese board has to be put together at least one weekendWine glass


Charlie’s Place needs a mention! My friend’s house in Norwich definitely deserves a hats off to the chef for my best Norwich places to eat at…

Mini burger and mini beer…  Raclette night!    Jarred caramel popcorn with a homemade chocolate brownie…She treats us well! #casualshepherdspie

14. Good old ROAST; One large chicken, veg & yorkshire whacked into the over for 2hours – so easy and so tasty!


15. Couples come dine with me just had to be done which involved peanut butter maple syrup burgers, chicken skewers and a fantastic chocolate mudslide dessert!

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