Moore Abroad…

A perfect opportunity of blog space to throw in a few fantastic restaurants abroad…

Let’s start with my trip from August 2015 to Berlin, GERMANY:

1. Mar Y Sol – Wonderful food and great beers under a roof of vines;

imageimageimage Great interior also…

imageAnd delicious cream cakes for pudding.

2. Biel in Zoologischer – fantastic Cheese and Fish platters;


3. Near to the Bikini Berlin Bar, the restaurant below is a great place to stop for a bottle of wine and juicy garlic black olives with ciabatta bread…


4. Now for the traditional German curried sausage – day time or end of a night, Curry 36 had an extremely long queue as an insight into how popular the place is…


THAILAND (back to November 2012…):

An unforgettable experience on The Chao Phraya boat floating above the Chao Phraya River with the fam 🙂

020 172171

Not to forget the amazing street food in Bangkok – good old Pad Thai…


You haven’t tasted real Thai food unless you go to the local places – I’d risk my stomach again for this!

We then went up to stay in Kanchanaburi with the most inspirational chef who cooked us authentic Thai food on the floating huts.


PERTH, AUSTRALIA (October 2012):

Little Creatures

Situated along the beach front after travelling to Thailand, I went solo to travel on to Perth. This restaurant stood out the most – possibly because my friend I was visiting worked there.

Miss these girls – thanks for hosting me at the best pizza places in the area!


GREECE (August 2012):

Sailing through the Ionian Sea;

We stopped off at fantastic local restaurants at islands all around Greece one fabulous Summer with my friend and her family – never got bored of the homemade Greek Salads with the fresh Feta cheese and tomatoes.

A great memory floating towards Coco Beach – a beautiful deserted island…


An unforgettable experience!

MALDIVES (March 2011):

My 21st birthday spent on a family holiday in the Maldives; our most exciting and exotic holiday. We experienced and enjoyed the most fantastic and freshest seafood – it’s a shame I got no snaps of it! The place was too beautiful it distracted me from taking photos…




KENYA (August 2009):

The Carnivore…

One of the world’s best places to visit for a complete meat overload – I visited The Carnivore with my brothers a few years ago and hear its’ great reputation remains…


A great place to go on your next holiday to Africa – dishes of unique meats you can’t get at the local shop in England are brought out on massive skewers and you have to eat until you are too full. Love these restaurant rules.

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