Amalfi Coast


1. Mimi’s – After a little bit of research for the best pizza place in the Amalfi Coast, the top reviews led me to this amazing Italian restaurant near Villa Cimbrone…  As you can see, the ingredients consisted of Tomatoes, cheese, olives and garlic – a basic option but definitely a tasty one! In the sweltering heat mid July an outside restaurant with shade is the way forward.

2. Villa Ruffalo – Here, I sampled a fresh prawn salad for starter and tucked into a Sea Bream for my main course; this was complimented perfectly by the stunning view overlooking the Mediterranean from the very top of the mountain. I loved this place so much we even came back for lunch at the snack bar.


3. Cumpa Cosimo – My personal favourite; VERY Italian and VERY unpretentious. I easily scoffed down a fettuccine mushroom pasta dish which went extremely well with the local Ravello vino – a great first experience near the central square.  4. Vittoria – Situated just around the corner from Ravello square, we shared a great bottle of the local red wine and wolfed down a cannelloni stuffed with beef pasta dish – simply delicious! Not to mention the prawns on the side – Seafood is always a must when you’re eating near a beautiful Coast.5. Caffe Calce – Best cafe in Ravello! Both for ice cream and evening drinks with Tiramisu. 

A stunning set up at night also 😉 Obviously saw Millie Mackintosh and Pro Green in a place like this…

I caught them again later in the afternoon when walking along the Amalfi Coast;

No biggy! #celebspotter

6. Villa Maria – Another outside restaurant with a breathtaking sea view. I found this moment a perfect opportunity to sample a trio of pannacotta;

7. Rossellinis – Next door to the fabulous Hotel Belmond Caruso lies yet another sea view over the Meditteranean.

Love a #pinacolada NOTE: Watch out for the prices – there is a martini for 400 euros on there!!


8. Lo Smeraldino – Once making our way down from Ravello to Amalfi, we decided to quench our thirst and sample another pizza at this casual restaurant; a perfect spot for a cool down mid afternoon.


9. Al Monazeno – Furore Beach is the most stunning hidden beach along the Amalfi Coast; hard not to enjoy a seafood linguine with this view.  Seasoned mussels… TRANSPORT TIP: If travelling on the Sita Bus from Amalfi make sure to get on the right bus for the love of God! Otherwise it’s a long way down…

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