Amsterdam Antics

Firstly, I need to share with you all what a stunning City Amsterdam is;

The central river running along every street you turn…IMG_5527I’ve always heard great things about the place, but always had a “weedy” image in my head; now that “weedy” image came true in some areas, i.e. The BullDog Cafes (fabulous animal print interior and great Burger at the Bulldog Hotel!)… But don’t worry, I hesitated on taking my standard holiday brownie there and went elsewhere…

Let’s kick this blog post off with a little patisserie place called Dolce & Gelato:

IMG_5492Chocolate eclair with extra cream…IMG_5507Delicious! I found the cream was extra sweet which made it feel more like a Dam eclair; even the Chips with cheese are different here – it’s like runny processed cheese which doesn’t sound great, but the sweeter and saltier I find the better the taste.

Situated near the Dam Square, we also came across a lovely outdoor cafe which belonged to an Art Gallery; great place to stop for a glass of red or a beer in the Winter…


Now my favourite place we visited has got to be the Peanut Bar, named Bierfabriek:

I’d never known anything like it – You literally eat peanuts then throw them on the floor, and the restaurant/bar still looked amazing!! A brilliantly organised beer house with candle-lighting and stone walls, we sat at the bar to feel the mood…


We stumbled across the most fantastic family run breakfast place the next morning. Situated in between the central train station and the Red Light District, I will track down the name for you but you MUST find it. A tiny cafe with the owner reading a book as you entered, and literally 2 tables to eat at – he came and sat down with us, translated the entire menu and whipped up the best Eggs Benedict with a cappuccino & free cookie on the side (winner!)


Ending the trip we snooped around Rembrandt Square, sitting in another outdoor cafe thanks to the sunny skies, admiring the view and reminiscing on how good our weekend in the Dam was…

  Love a clogg!

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