‘Pic’ for your ‘Nic’ on Norfolk Broads

I recently stumbled across a small village called Cley which lies within the beautiful Norfolk Broads.

If looking to grab some produce for a fabulous picnic to enjoy on a beach nearby, you must stop at these two places:

1.  Cley Smokehouse – BEST SMOKED MACKEREL IN TOWN!!

 A stunning area to visit also amongst the endless side streets of these cobbled cottages👌  

So grab some fish from the local store and head around the corner to continue that shop for your basket.🕶☀️🍒

2. Picnic Fayre – A wonderful find selling a variety of nibbles, sauces, pastries, wine and free tasters to go with it!     

This counter had a section of local cheeses, fresh desserts including Greek sweet pastries and Portugese custard tarts;  

Here’s the variety of dips to choose from where you can sample some tasters with bread on the side to try before you buy;

And something to wash down your nibbles in the Sun…   

Picnic Fayre – until next time!


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