Gusto Restaurant & Bar

I’ve been to a few Gusto restaurants around the “Shires” and having recently moved to the area, this chain restaurant was right on the high street so it just had to be tried!

The fantastic and elegant Italian serves modern cuisine, so thought I’d keep to the hearty Italian style and start off with the “petal dough balls”.

Smothered with a side of garlic butter, it was a great start to the dining experience.

Sticking to garlic flavours, I began my first dish with the “mussels of the day” which were coated in a white wine and garlic sauce;

As you can tell from the portion sizes, the Italians don’t hold back!

Now for a couple main dishes I had to try out – the Seabass course with a side of steamed broccoli. The squeeze of a lemon completed this dish nicely and I was just about ready for pasta…

Smoked salmon & dill tagliatelle – “just how mama used to make it”. This classic dish did not fail with the subtle touches of spinach and green beans to add color and an element of health to complete the balanced ingredients within the dish. 
Not to mention my boyfriend’s Duck pizza – now THIS was a topping which went down tremendously! Two of my passions in life are duck meat and cheese, so this pizza obviously left me satisfied. 🍕😍

To maintain an Italian’s true love for food, we decided to go all out and complete the three course meal with a classic chocolate mousse – basically a bowl of heaven with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top.

The only thing I would say is the price is quite extravagant for what you get; we had the 20% discount off the meal which is a popular offer from Gusto at the moment, but the bill came to almost £100 with these courses and a bottle of wine.

Nevertheless, I found all dishes made up a great meal within a stylish romantic lit setting – but just a little pricey for Italian food.

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