Bites Around Portugal

A recent trip to Portugal for an old school friend’s wedding – pure sunshine, stunning venue and delicious seafood all week is all I have to say!

Here’s my standard food shares around the Algarve and Albufeira…

First stop – lunch time!! 4 of us dined at the local restaurant on the seafront so we thought it’d be rude to not have the Seafood Platter…

Mussels, clams, king prawns – what could go wrong??

To set the scene for the week away, we continued with the seafood theme and went on to the bride & grooms old-school venue the night before the wedding – Evaristo Restaurant:

The service was exceptional and the Portuguese staff went that extra mile to serve birthday cake!

Another day, another beach, another restaurant…

Pina colada o’clock and the mixed meat & seafood paella had to be done!

Finally the wedding day had arrived and it was time for love & wedding food:

Clams, Elvaristo Steaks and custard tarts galore / and of course, Great meat πŸ‘Œ

The thought put into this wedding really paid off – even the little details of the table setting decor…And of course, SWEETS!! Oldschool sweets 😍😍😍
We will never forget the fantastic Portuguese food, clear blue skies, stunning venue on the beach with the sunset at the wedding of Mr & Mrs Jones 😍 

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