The Cotswolds 🍴

Right in the heart of the Cotswolds near the Waterpark lodges, lies the perfect country pub called the Royal Oak South Cerney.

To summarise, this is the place for local food & traditional choices! 

As soon as the home-cooked beef burger topped with onion rings was seen on the menu, there was no going back.

Great meat with caramelised onion, a well glazed light & fluffy brioche bun and some damn good onion rings with fries is all you need to know.

Just when you thought food envy wouldn’t be an option, the lamb shank came out on a bed of mash & gravy 😮

The meat was divine and literally fell off the bone, with a sweet yet sharp sauce which went perfectly with a glass of red. 🍷

Always have to get a cheeky fireplace photie with one of my besties from uni days…

I agree with this pub’s slogan;

“serving good food and country charm!”

Nearby, we visited other foodie pubs such as The Bakers Arms, which was again perfect for a cosy feel around Christmas time/Winter.

And especially for a festive Mulled Wine/ Spiced Mulled Cider 😍

All in all, if visiting the Cotswolds around Cirencester these are two pubs that cannot go a miss. Take my recommendation as you will be spoilt for choice in this lovely part of England, filled with country pubs offering hearty & traditional food every stop on your journey through the cobbled streets and riverside restaurants.

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