Plume of Feathers

After a recent visit to our bestest friend’s new family home in Barlaston, the three of us girls were quick to find our new “local” dining out place just walking distance down the road.

We found this place to be an ideal stop either on a week night or the weekend, and the glamorous exterior at the Plume of Feathers simply called out to us…

A very cosy country pub was my first observance when walking past the open fire and into the restaurant area behind the bar. Recently refurbished, it was also great to hear this fantastic new pub venture is in association with Neil Morrissey.

Prompt service & the Sauvignon was served in no time at all…

As we’re all quite into our food, we thought we would go for the ‘comfort’ hearty dishes and eventually wolfed down our Chicken Parmigiana and rare Steak with hand-cut chips.

The Chicken Parmigiana was a panko crumbed chicken escalope baked with fresh Parmesan and Mozzarella, linguine, Napoli sauce & pesto. Quite simply, an option I could not refuse!

The chicken was cooked well and lay on a bed of tomato based flavours which seasoned the linguine perfectly, with a side salad also to get part of your 5 a day in!

Prices were also reasonable so an affordable ‘go to’ place if passing by. Not to mention the wide array of options so a real crowd-pleaser if visiting in a large group. 

So there we have it – our new local for Staffordshire trips right in the heart of cosy village, Barlaston, Plume of Feathers 😊

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