Who Wants Italian?

Recently reunited with my cousin & Auntie after 5 years (VERY busy people…) we decided there’s no better way to share our long overdue catchup than with good old Italiano!

So the new Prezzo on Southwater Way seemed a no brainer 🍝 Recently opened, the service was outstanding with a super friendly waitress wanting photos with us (felt like celebrities even though it was for Marketing purposes!) and plenty of banter between courses, along with productive recommendations for their first opening menu. 

We are 4 tiny ladies and we eat A LOT – normally people just say that but this is a food blog so stating the obvious and it has to be said…

So large classic carbonaras & the mushroom Polla pasta all round, oh and side truffle fries. 🍟

I don’t regret one second of this carb overload.

Next on the agenda had to be pudding, and I genuinely mean it when I say absolutely every option on the menu could’ve taken my fancy. From hazelnut cheesecake (my ultimate decision), to classic Tiramisu, to Apple Crumble, warm Hot Fudge Pudding, Bread & Butter Pudding and mouth/watering chocolate fondant – the Prezzo classics!

So two hazelnut and honeycomb cheesecakes, one cake ice-cream dream and one Nutella calzone down, we decided we were actually quite full at that.

Us 4 ladies were all left very satisfied and we found this to be the perfect venue, service, and overall dining out experience to give the ‘lowdown’ on our lives amongst family.

Keep opening new chains around the world Prezzo πŸ‘ 

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