The Swan in Pangbourne

EditIf you’ve been keeping up to date with my latest blog posts, you’d have seen my recent visit to Berkshire and read about my love for brunching around 👌🥂

So of course MooreEatsOut continues with Sunday brunch at a place named The Swan, before making my way back to Cheshire.

The Swan is a countryside pub located in a villages called Pangbourne. As a quick introduction to the kind of satisfying food they offer, say hello to the best Bacon sandwich in town 👐The very cute set up of the smartly refurbished inn was pimped out with low-ceiling oak beams, three open fires and seasonal European cooking.

One flat white & cappuccino later, we were seated outside and enjoying the scenic views overlooking the river 💕

The sun was shining and I was in my element admiring the boats passing us by. 

Our stomachs were rumbling and it was time to order from the more fancier brunch options from the menu.

Bacon sandwich aside, I wanted to go all out and get the best meal to keep me satisfied – and the duck dish below sure delivered…

This plate consisted of Cornish Egg, Chorizo & Potato Hash which were all beautifully blended together, with tender parts of duck breast shredded on top. 

Very reasonably price and very presentable.

If ever in this neck of the woods make sure to stop by this restaurant for a fulfilling bite to eat with a lovely view from their outside terrace. 

Until next time Pangbourne ✌️

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