Pine Cliffs Resort, Algarve

Thinking of planning a wedding in Europe and not sure what to choose for the sit down meal? Look no further as here’s a solution for you…

2017 has been wedding season all year round πŸ’ƒ With eight friends setting the date, there’s been a lot of celebrating and eating out around the UK; from a beautiful traditional church wedding in the Cotswolds, to a luxury Castle ceremony in the heart of Cheshire and then most recently seeing my “wee”cousin getting married on a loch in Scotland! (FYI, bagpipes whilst walking down the aisle is the way forward…)

So as Summer was coming to an end, I was now most excited about attending the first wedding abroad, situated on the beautiful cliffs of the Algarve. And of course, sampling out the food at each and every venue. 

The Luxury Collection Resort is renowned for being one of the leading and award-winning Luxury and Family Resorts in Europe, and is truly a jewel on the seafront which overlooks the amazing coastline of the Algarve, in Southern Portugal.

The setting in the picture above speaks for itself 😍 As the guests walked through to the ceremony stand/dining area, there was a literal family tree of each of the bride and groom’s history of marriages within their family’s and a little caption of the ushers & bridesmaids on each tree leading up to the venue – a very cute unique twist to the day!

Now let’s jump straight into the food that was served at the Pine Cliffs Resort – first snippet of our table decor 🍽

The house white vino was constantly being topped up and we had a cheeky liquor on standby which had a sticker of the bride & groom on, a lovely personalised to the whole thing. 

Then came the warm crusty bread & butter (both white, brown and seeded) which was an instant thumbs up to the guests, along with the proactive staff members who provided non-stop excellent service. 

The Starter – one of my personal faves – goats cheese en croute.

The walnut on top of the goats cheese wheel was surrounded with crusty bread slices, which complimented the cheese perfectly. With a hefty portion size, there was no doubt we’d be going hungry at this wedding.

Then came the course I look forward to the most – The Main: filet mignon, asparagus wrapped in Parma ham & dauphinois potatoes. 

The sauce was mouth-watering and the red meat was washed down perfectly with a red wine change in vino 🍷  I will definitely be trialing this dish out at home for my next dinner party – let’s go with #MooreEatsIn! 

The sun was setting whilst we were nice & cool in the shade, surrounded by the exotic palm trees overlooking the coastline from the outside dining area. 

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more idyllic, dessert arrived…

And this seriously satisfied my ‘Italian cuisine’ daily cravings, with a boozy Tiramisu – made just the way it should be.

Oh, and a little vanilla pouring cream to go over the cake just in case you had that extra sweet tooth, which our entire table had.

A very satisfied bunch of guests were left feeling very merry thanks to the incredible food that was served, gorgeous scenery and highly accommodating service – an overall stunning experience in Portugal.

This venue is a MUST if looking for a fairytale wedding with unforgettable food. 

Ignoring the views, I’d even go back for the mignon alone πŸ‘Œ

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