The Lion Inn, Shropshire

Back in my home town in Shropshire, I recently came across my newest go-to Indian restaurant, named The Lion Inn.

Interestingly set in a traditional pub-style building, this Indian restaurant is ran by a passionate Indian family who take great pride in ensuring their guests have a unique and memorable experience.

The Lion Inn is one of the most authentic Indian restaurants in Shropshire. The local ingredients are authentic and flavoursome, whilst the setting serves a cosy, warm and welcoming environment.

Using centuries-old recipes showcasing the best of Indian cuisine, the owner (Raj) and several waiters went above & beyond to ensure a highly accommodating restaurant experience.

You know that moment when you’re contemplating whether to go for ‘something different’ in a curry house? Well our waiter instantly came out with a list of recommendations based on what we usually order, always helpful when choosing your dish of the day.

Immediately seated to a table of four (consisting of my parents, boyfriend and I) – 6 poppadums (V) were ordered with mango chutney, onion relish and mint yoghurt to keep us going.

Normally I’d go for a Cobra Beer with Indian food, but their White Pinot Grigio got the better of us and still went down nicely with the spicy tastes to come…

The Dishes

Tandoori Murgh Masala

Spoiled for choice from a fantastic menu, I’d always stick with the Chef Specialties to go for that ‘something different’ confessed earlier in this post. I’m usually torn between a Chicken Jalfrezi and Chicken Rogan Josh, and so was recommended the perfect combination – the Tandoori Murgh Masala.

The Murgh Masala consisted of Tandoori Chicken and minced lamb in a medium spiced sauce served with natural basmati rice – simply delicious and did not disappoint.

Tandoori Jinga Masala

I shared my Tandoor Murgh Masala with my Mother, along with this Tandoori Jinga Masala which was another recommendation for those who enjoy a more mild dish. I find it nice to always share a spicy dish and a mild one to get the best of both.

We therefore found this gave us the perfect combination of a spicy flavoursome curry, along with this mild korma-styled dish. The Jinga Masala (again, chosen from the Chef Specialties selection) came with King Prawns which were cooked in a tandoori clay oven and of course cooked in a red masala sauce. You can never go too wrong with a coconut flavoursome masala dish but the flavours and choice of meat gave the dish that extra edge from other masala dishes.

Lamb Tawa

Next on the list to try – my boyfriend’s choice of the Lamb Tawa. The Tawa dishes are popular for being cooked in the sizzling Tawa dish – always exciting to order in a restaurant!

Again, this meal certainly did not disappoint. The succulent lamb pieces were served with a rich and tasteful medium sauce, and we asked for a little more chilies to be added to increase the spice levels. And just when you think it couldn’t get more exciting, the dish was topped with a battered onion ring – my dream of a nibble on the side. ✌️

The Lion Special Bhuna

Finally, for the most impressive Chef Special of them all – here comes the famous Lion Special Bhuna.

My father went for this one and again asked for a little more chili & spice to be added to give it that extra kick to the dish, just below Madras heat! This was an unusual ask as the Lion Special is a very medium spiced dish, served with a natural basmati rice; again another subtle example of how the waiters accommodated all requests with no issue.

As it was a special dish, the Bhuna was packed with a concoction of multiple delicious meats consisting of Chicken, Lamb, and giant King Prawns which are sourced from their special supplier. The prawns are of course cooked in their homemade Bhuna sauce and are equally juicy. The King Prawns are seriously HUGE – almost as large as a mini lobster so quite rare to find as I’m not usually blown away by the size of King Prawns served in Indian Restaurants.

So liking the sound of this place yet? We were all very satisfied customers by the time we left. The food was simply delicious and Raj was possibly the nicest restaurant owner we have ever met – there were SO many regulars on the night we were there which shows he must be doing something right!

I HIGHLY recommend this place if you’re ever in the vicinity.

Oh, and being located in Shropshire, there’s an endless amount of rural land to go for a pleasant stroll around to walk off the curry the next day or even beforehand…

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