Blockhouse at The Sheet Anchor

Monday blues? Take a read through today’s blog post for a little food-spiration to keep you going til your next dining out experience.

From reading through my previous blog posts, you’ll see Staffordshire’s Swan With Two Necks restaurant is my ‘safety’ food stop out in the sticks – however, just up the road from this reliable restaurant houses my new regular; The Blockhouse.

The Blockhouse is a recently refurbished steak house situated at the back of The Sheet Anchor pub.

Here’s a peek through to the rustic decor;

Now for the good stuff – feast your eyes on their burger; a must-order dish from being a steak house & all…

The blue cheese double steak burger comes with fries, gherkins, and pretty much any sauce you want. With the gherkins included, it’s like a posh version of the Big Mac – very naughty but extremely tasty.

And it’d be rude not to share a sneak preview inside the burger;

As well as the speciality steak servings, my friend had the classic chicken & chips – and this one’s the better version of Nando’s classic dish too! Again, accompanied with fries & gherkins, this meal also comes with a buttered corn on the cob.

All washed down with a bottle of the house white wine, we were three happy ladies! 🍷🍽💃

For dessert, we were recommended the baked cookie dough with vanilla ice-cream which was heavenly and very sweet.

All other puddings are listed below to give an indication of what they had to offer along with the pricing; on average the desserts were priced at £6.45.

And for the rest of the menu, glance through the below to get thinking of what you might eat on your next trip out to this cosy restaurant serving hearty, affordable food.


Sun-Thurs: 12-11pm
Fri-Sat: 12-12pm


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