The Boars Head

Searching for the next cosy English pub in Cheshire? Here’s your next Sunday lunch suggestion…

Just on the outskirts of Nantwich town lies my latest discovery, The Boars Head.

Ideal for the chilly season, the restaurant menu combines English pub favourites with home-cooked dishes and fresh ingredients, including the Chef’s interpretation of some international classics.

Kick-starting 2018 through these Winter months, we thoroughly enjoyed the welcoming service next to a log-burning fire, along with comfortable seating in a warm, cosy environment. It’s safe to say all our requirements were initially fulfilled.

And so we started the evening with positive vibes and my friends and I were soon seated at a window table in the venue. As expected, a fantastic menu was handed over to us and we knew there were tough food decisions ahead.

Starters – Deli Sharers for Two:

As recommended by the efficient waitress, we went for my all-time favourite – the sizzling crispy duck platter which was presented to us on a hot skillet.

The ingredients consisted of the Chinese-style usual which included hoi sin sauce, shredded spring onions, cucumber and of course, savoury pancakes. The duck was shredded in front of us and we soon wolfed down the entire lot of it.

We also shared the fish platter which came with a main sea bass on a sweet chilli salad, along with king prawns in a bloody mary salsa, pan fried smoked mackerel with spicy garlic butter, smoked salmon and rustic bread. Delicious!

Main Courses

Seafood Risotto? Yes please! Anything pasta & carb related is a real must for me – every meal has to have meat and carbs otherwise I don’t consider it a real meal!

So this dish came with breaded monkfish, roasted salmon fillet, calamari, mussels and parmesan shavings.

With a majority vote we soon came to the conclusion this was the most enjoyable dish so a very popular choice across all four of us.


After looking through the mouth-watering selection, the puddings ordered were clearly the right choice. We soon lapped up the special white chocolate & raspberry cookie dough with vanilla ice cream.

Oh, and a casual vanilla cheesecake on the side accompanied with a chocolate biscuit – image below is self-explanatory and yes, it was as good as it looks.

There you have it – a must-stop cosy country pub in the heart of Cheshire; the place to try for having great food in a relaxed and rustic setting.

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